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About Us
  Guangzhou Xinli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a company who mainly manufactures rubber support products for the automotive, shipbuilding, construction doors and windows, electrical appliances, bathroom, pipeline engineering, mechanical and electrical accessories industries etc.
At present the company uses EPDM, PVE, TPE, CR, NR, NBR, TPR, silica and other raw materials to develop a series of products: rubber car parts, sealing strips, molded rubber products, rubber sealing strip, sealing strip of doors and windows, foamed sealing strip, sponges sealing strip, soft and hard composite tape, decorations, silicone tube, winding pipes, water pipes flexible foam hook and so on. The products include a variety of specifications. Many kinds of rubber, EPDM products can be found here.
From 2008 to 2010, our plant has introduced the cold feed extruding and salt bath vulcanization production line and two microwave vulcanization wire frame compound extruding lines from Berstorf, a company in Germany. We have also introduced the rubber injection molding machine from Taiwan.
The production lines and technologies we possess are tremendous.
We possess a unique recipe in manufacturing the sealing strips. We choose the EPDM rubber, silicon gel, heat shrinkable rubber and NBR compound with the PVC as our material. Our sealing strips are ozone, ultraviolet rays and chemical agent resistance. The temperature it can dealt with is from -60℃ to 300℃. Most of our products are environmental friendly and good in quality. We perceive the lowest cost, the highest efficiency and the shortest delivery time.
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