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Cabinet, Container sealing strips
As specialized theater box type freight vehicle container seal production enterprise,Xinli Rubber developed successively has been suitable for each kind of theater box type vehicle container seal,The product elegant appearance, the installment is convenient,The sealing property is good, the service life is long, is enhances the freight vehicle scale the novel product,Continuously for sale abroad Europe and America, Eastern Europe, Japan and so on the international market, the variety has been for many years complete, the quality assurance, the service is thorough, welcome to select and purchase.
Major role :
Insect proofing Windproof Separates the light Anti-collision Sound insulation Separates the smoke Waterproofing
Product characteristic:
1. this product is the modified PVC high snapping back plastic passes through densely builds up, makes grain of, craft manufactures and so on software and hard strip extrusion formation becomes, therefore seals softly with the hard strip cannot produce is separated from the phenomenon.
2. because it is different with the traditional rubber seal, therefore deposits conveniently, installs simply quickly, reduced the labor intensity, sped up the project progress, may reduce the operating charges.
3. this product contours are artistic, after the use enhances the box-type automobile the product scale, enable it to have the market competitive power.
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