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EPDM Rubber


Gland strip for automatic revolution doors











Xinli  Company researches and develops the glass door/automatic valve/revolving door full-pressure system product, is at present only can completely realize the special-purpose seal product which the windows and doors seal. This packing uses the import material development to become completely, has the very strong anti-old chemical property, durable, after installment your gate still switch freely also elegant appearance, frugal energy.
Must cause the door switch freely, the gate all around must have 1 centimeter about slit. Peace treaty of the such tang glass door all slit area is 1000 square centimeters, Is equal you is operating a leaf of window in the cold winter. These slits can affect in the room seriously maintaining warmth with the air conditioning effect, Creates the massive energy loss, the sand dust and insect's invasion, outside the gate noise and so on also can give you to work and to live brings the worry. The Xinli association windows and doors full-pressure system powerful has blocked the outside rain water, the temperature, the dust and so on, satisfies your request, Conforms to your economic interest partner.

Manufacture Standard
GB320 281NAF05-2000Construction Curtain wall Uses Cured rubber Packing
ISO3934(GB10712)Construction Rubber Gasket - Seals Glass window And Panel Takes shape In advance Solid Core Cured rubber Material - Standard


Partial product schematic drawingOther styles may make to order):

(diagram for reference only, please call us to enquire the specific product standards) Tel→8620-36784678

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